Thursday 22 September 2016

Amazing See-Saw Idents from Children’s BBC

If you were a child growing up in the 1980s then there's a good chance you lived for the See-Saw slot which aired on BBC1 (and occasionally BBC2). In an age where there was no such thing as CBeebies, the See-Saw slot - which had evolved from Watch with Mother - was the only real chance for pre-schoolers to get their fix of children's TV.

Some downright legendary shows aired in this timeslot and were usually preceded by a brief ident advertising the upcoming shows. And here are all the ones I've managed to find so far, so let's reminisce for a few moments about a period of life when life felt warm, simple and fuzzy.

1. Pigeon Street

2. Hokey Cokey

3. Stop Go

4. Blank Logo

5. King Rollo / Bric-a-Brac

6. Little Misses

7. Postman Pat

8. Bod

9. Chris and Crumble

10. Heads and Tails

11. Bagpuss

12. Gran

13. Fingerbobs

14. Pinny's House

15. Chock-a-Block

If you find any more then please let me know and I'll get them uploaded! Thanks!