Saturday 24 June 2017

Bringing Teletext Back to Life - Vol. 1

Back in March, I picked up a load of old VHS tapes which managed to yield a whole host of archive gems. However, in amongst the curios there was a lot of less interesting material - namely films. Whilst, yes, there were some fine films in there (a lot of Bond), they're all readily available in the modern age, so don't really fall under my remit of forgotten or rarely seen TV.

However, the thought of simply skipping tapes which went way back to 1983 seemed a bit of a shame. Whilst I had no use for them, surely someone else would, right? And, thankfully, yes, there's a wonderful man known only by his full name of Jason Robertson who is one of the authorities on retrieving teletext from old VHS and Betamax tapes.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

New Book Is Now Out!

Yes, at long last, my first print book 'The Curiosities of British Children's TV' is now available to buy over at Amazon! Essentially, it's a compilation of the first two e-books I wrote on the hidden gems and oddities of British children's TV, but with more insights and interviews. Oh, and just to add that extra bonus, there's five new articles on some shows which I think you're going to really love!

The full list of shows covered are: