Monday 18 September 2023

Is it Time to Revive the British Superhero Classic Misfits?

British television writers are famous for offering their unique takes on classic themes, and the way that Misfits subverted superhero themes was a prime example of that. The black comedy from Howard Overman ran for five series between 2009 and 2013 but was ultimately cancelled due to falling ratings.

Many fans were left flabbergasted at the decision to stop making Misfits, as its storylines and characters remained popular until the end. With the superhero genre now booming in the mainstream, could it be time to bring back this much-loved show in a new iteration?

Misfits Proved That It Could Survive Losing Cast Members

There were various things that made Misfits a British television gem, but one of the key aspects was that it managed to survive after shedding its original cast. The first series in 2009 was popular thanks to star turns from Robert Sheehan and Iwan Rheon, but these actors outgrew the E4 offering quickly and went on to secure bigger roles.

Some thought that the series wouldn’t draw the same viewership when Sheehan’s Nathan left at the end of the second series. However, it arguably grew stronger when Joe Gilgun joined the cast as Rudy. The This is England star became the glue that held the series together and helped usher in a new set of actors.

Misfits was well-loved because it completely flipped the traditional superhero model, making it a breath of fresh air compared to the Hollywood template. In the UK series, superpowered beings weren’t on missions to save the world most of the time. Instead, it imagined what various powers could be like if they were randomly instilled on delinquents who were stuck on community service. This led to some hilarious situations.

Superhero Themes are Abundant in Popular Culture

Misfits finished airing ten years ago in 2013, but fans aren’t giving up on their hope for a revival at some point. It would be a perfect time to bring it back, as the superhero genre has expanded and changed drastically over the last decade. Misfits could be compared to The Boys on Amazon Prime, which also challenges classic superhero tropes. That offering has been hugely popular, with viewers desperate for content in a similar vein.

Superheroes are huge in the gaming industry as well, highlighting the franchise potential for Misfits if it returns. For example, there are titles like Marvel Strike Force and Injustice 2 on mobile. The online casino industry also has innovative superhero options, such as the FlyX casino game. This offering involves a superhero flying higher and higher. Bettors need to use a strategy to cash out at the right time, with splitting bets and FlyX Martingale both popular options.

Since Misfits ended its run, many television series have enjoyed success from branching out into games as well. If Misfits returned, it could leverage this model to attract new viewers. One of the most successful examples of this was Narcos, which branched out into the popular Cartel Wars.

Misfits has to go down as one of the top British series of all time, as it perfectly captured the dry humour of people from the country. Viewers were able to see themselves in the characters and imagine what they would do if they were bestowed with such powers as well. It would be great if the series was resurrected.