Sunday 23 October 2016

Acting Masterclass: 21 Faces of Matthew Corbett

Recently, whilst I should have been getting on more important things in life, I've been watching an awful lot of The Sooty Show. And you know what I've realised? Yes, I really should get round to renewing my car tax instead of reacquainting myself with a mute bear from the blessed years of my childhood.

However, more importantly, I've also realised that Matthew Corbett is one of the finest actors to ever grace the TV screens of Great Britain. And, if you don't believe me, why don't you take a look at the wide variety of facial expressions and guises below that he can conjure up to underline his acting prowess.

1. Apoplectic Anger

2. Unwavering Defiance

3. Mild Fear

4. Threatening Menace

5. Eye Popping Rage

6. Utter Smugness

7. Complete Horror

8. Gentle Disgruntlement

9. Camp Shock

10. Manic Desperation

11. Uproarious Hilarity

12. Coquettish Tease

13. Pensive Depth

14. Caddish Charmer

15. Unimpressed Disgust

16. Chilling Menace

17. Pouty Petulance

18. Mouth Agape Astonishment

19. Curious Intrigue

20. Straining Determination

21. Sexy Madness


  1. Always loved Matthew Corbett. He took what his father did and expanded on it in a way that didn't lose sight of the original act, but updated it for a more modern audience. That's in hindsight obviously, at the time I just liked it when he went mental or got squirted in the face.

    1. Matthew was a true master of children's TV and The Sooty Show still feels modern - haircuts aside...

  2. I genuinely want Matthew Corbett to play the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who now that Peter Capaldi is leaving.

  3. Ummmmmmm am I brave enough to admit I shead a physical tear during the highlight clips of Corbett's final Sooty Show?..........bugger I just did!

    Matthew had that charm about him that endeared him to his young viewing audience when we weren't laughing at him by squirted in the face by Sooty's water pistol obviously.

  4. Such is the charm of this lovely chap, that I watch Sooty now at the age of 46, whenever I am feeling down and WISH that Matthew looked like that now and was my partner. He makes me howl with laughter. Well put together piece