Friday 15 July 2022

Some Vaguely Interesting Loft Finds Relating to British Television

I recently asked my mother if she could search out my GCSE certificates - for some work-related thing - but, unfortunately, she couldn't find them. However, whilst she was sifting through the loft she did find a few folders relating to paperwork concerning my childhood. And, just to prove my long-term dedication to the cause, there were a few bits and pieces in there which related to British television.

1. 1992 Letter from the BBC re: Doctor Who

It would appear, as I can't even remember writing the letter, that I got in touch with the BBC in 1992 to ask when exactly would Doctor Who be back on our screens. This query, as the response shows, concerned both repeat runs of the classic series and new seasons. The BBC, as you can see, were rather non-committal, most likely as they didn't want to break the heart of a nine-year-old boy. But at least they responded, although it's most likely a stock response, aside from a reference to the repeats I had also queried. (click on the photos for full-size images)

2. Signed Postcards from Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred

I certainly remember writing to the BBC and requesting signed photos of Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, although I can't remember if this was whilst Doctor Who was still in production or just after it was put on hiatus. Regardless, it's a fond reminder of a time when Doctor Who meant absolutely everything to me. It's also nice to see the official BBC Doctor Who compliment slip - tiny things and all that. The Sophie Aldred one clearly has a printed autograph on it, but the McCoy one looks like it may actually be hand signed (with a pen which was clearly running out and not suitable for a print run).

3. The Shoe People Fan Club Certificate

There was a real buzz in the playground about The Shoe People when it first aired back in the late 1980s. Everyone seemed to love it and we were treated to an abundance of merchandise from books, videos and onto chocolate bars. I was such a fan that I ended up joining the fan club; I'm not 100% sure what the membership pack consisted of, but I'm pretty certain there was a membership card, some stickers and a pencil. What I am 100% certain of is that there was also a certificate, as this was another one of the finds from my haul. Strangely, barely anyone mentions The Shoe People today, so I may have to go and watch a few episodes...

Anyway, this is all there was. No doubt there are a few more things up in the loft, but I suspect they'll remain hidden for another couple of decades. However, it got me thinking, which interesting bits of correspondence/fan club bits and pieces have my readers held on to that relate to British television? If you're able to get a decent picture/scan over then I might end up sharing them in a future post.


  1. Thought you were being ironic about there only being a "few" items and in fact those suitcases were full of TV-related stuff. What's in the rest, Beanos? Interesting though, scarce as the items were.

    1. Sadly, that's a stock picture of a loft. My parent's loft is nowhere near as fancy as that!