Saturday 30 January 2016

Aliens in the Family

Humans are born a right immature bunch. Not only are we incontinent, but we cry almost non-stop and we can't do much more apart from lie on our back. Take a look across the animal kingdom at, for example, horses and you'll find that their darling little foals are on their hooves and walking within a few hours. However, who ends up riding and whipping who at the Grand National?

It's us, of course, and this is partly because we're able to grow into such intelligent (and gambling mad) beings due to the family support network surrounding us. And the buck doesn't stop at abandoning us when we can walk and fend for ourselves. Families are a lifelong bond and this gives them an exclusive, almost sacred feel, but they can easily be fractured by a breakdown in parental relations.

The pursuit of familial life, though, means that different sets of divorced families often combine into new hybrid families. This disrupts the status quo of these individuals' concept of family and can take a lot of readjustment. And things are made even harder when they also take in an alien on the run from a rival bunch of aliens who list genocide as their number one hobby. This is Aliens in the Family and we're your looking glass into this crazy mixed up scenario!