Wednesday 3 March 2021

Curious British Telly Fanzine Issue 2 is Here!

It's been three months since the first issue of the Curious British Telly fanzine landed, so it's about time for issue two. And it's now here! And, better yet, there's an extra four pages (for the same cost) this time around!

Once again it's packed full of features that should titillate anyone with even a passing interest in the stranger corners of British television. So, for example, there's a feature on The Last Train, a post-apocalyptic ITV series from 1999 that completely passed under the radar at the time. Oh, and there are fantastic write-ups by guest writers on the BBC shows Dead of Night (1972) and A Very Peculiar Practice (1999)And, if you're looking for even more obscure and untold stories, why not take a look at the articles on TX45 (1986) and Look Here (1986)? If you've heard of both of them then you deserve a medal.

Brian Cant, of course, is much better known. He was a legend of children's television and regarded as a paternal figure to millions upon millions. And this got me wondering. What was it like having Brian Cant as your actual dad? Well, now we know as I conducted an interview with his daughter Christabel Cant to find out. And many Curious British Telly readers will also be aware of Button Moon. But what was it like travelling up and down the country as part of the live Button Moon theatre show? Once again, we now have all the answers thanks to an interview with puppeteer Lee Moone.

There are many other features in the fanzine (see contents below) and it's priced at £3.50 (inc P&P), so, if you're interested, please email me at and let me know where to send a PayPal invoice. It's still, unfortunately, UK only at the moment. I am hoping to offer international shipping in the future, but I need to look into some sturdier packaging for that. And the ongoing pandemic makes even a simple task like that difficult.

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