Thursday, 12 November 2015

Win a Lazarus and Dingwall DVD!

It's an exciting time for Curious British Telly as we're launching our first ever competition! And it's the kind of competition where you can win stuff! And the stuff's shiny!

Yes, that's right, up for grabs is a copy of the recently released Lazarus and Dingwall DVD featuring Mark Arden and Stephen Frost aka The Oblivion boys!

It's a cracking series packed full of deadpan gags (think a British Police Squad) and we're delighted that it's finally got a commercial release nearly 25 years after being broadcast.

And that's why we want to give a copy away in an exciting little competition which ain't gonna tax your old grey matter too much, but will involve a little research. Unless you're a right proper, straight out the oven ready made genius.

Anyway, to be in with a chance just answer this fiendish question:

Who plays the police chief heading up Lazarus and Dingwall's station?

A. Brian Wilde
B. George Sewell
C. Peter Bland

Send your answers to our email address or send us a DM on our Twitter @curiousuktelly

Closing date is 30/11/2015

Best of luck, chaps and chappettes!


  1. Don't know if you're familiar with it already, but if not this will be right up your Kirstie Alley

    Another wonderfully quirky, near forgotten early 90s sitcom. I'm currently having yet another rewatch to remind me of my early teen years!

    1. Not heard of that one, but will look into it. Cheers!

      Reminds me that I also need to get round to watching Seconds Out with Robert Lindsay. Watched one episode a while back and didn't seem unworthy of my attention to say the least!