Monday, 25 May 2015

4 Classic Doctor Who Characters Who Deserved a Spinoff

The classic era of Doctor Who (1963-89) spawned many a classic tale and even more amazing characters.

But during that long tenure in the nation's hearts only one character managed to be rewarded with a spinoff. It was, quite rightfully, the fantastic and beautiful Elisabeth Sladen in K9 and Company.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the huge success the BBC were looking for, so perhaps it was a case of the old "once bitten, twice shy" theorem.

And it's a damn shame, my friends, as there was so much potential in amongst the wealth of personality ingrained into all the supporting cast over the years.

That's why we've decided to take a look at who would have made the best spinoffs.

Sabalom Glitz and Dibber

Glitz and Dibber popped up in 'The Mysterious Planet' and proved themselves to be the quintessential Robert Holmes double act.

That Holmes had an amazing brainbox and even here, his last full story written amidst ill health, he managed to create a rich duo who complement each other perfectly.

Glitz is the duplicitous rascal with the gift of the gab and a true passion for money. He's backed up by Dibber who's slow minded and frequently taken advantage of by Glitz, but remains passionately loyal.

And what sort of spinoff would house these two? Well, it's obvious, innit? They're remarkably similar to Del Boy and Rodney, so why not some intergalactic wheeler dealer sitcom?

We can see it now, Glitz forever promising Dibber that each deal's going to net them a million space bucks, Dibber being sold into Venusian slavery by 'mistake' and finally Glitz falling through a bar.

What would we call it? 'Glitz and Glam'.


Yeah, we've previously eulogised Duggan for being the greatest Who companion that never was, but he was pretty damn amazing. And that's why he deserved a spinoff.

His bravery and heroism are admirable qualities and his penchant for delivering a right hook make him a real man's man. You wanna be him, don't you? We know we do!

And what better vehicle for him to brawl his way through than a comedy drama!

Yes, Duggan's been deported from France for delivering his pugilistic brand of justice to a gendarme and, now, finds himself back in bleak old Blighty down on his luck.

He's about to shut down his detective agency and become a security guard when he stumbles across young Jessica. A delightfully pretty young woman, Jessica is fresh out of university with a first class honours degree in psychology, but no common sense.

Duggan senses that if he provides the brawn and and Jessica brings her brains to the table they can be a formidable, but odd force. Together they'll tackle crime with their differing personalities bringing about the most ridiculous consequences.

And, all the while, there'll be a smouldering romantic frisson bubbling beneath the surface of their relationship.

We'd watch it. We'd buy the bloody box set!

Sergeant Benton

Good old Benton was always our favourite of the UNIT troops. He was nowhere near as bloody minded as the Brigadier and less likely to nick your girlfriend than Captain Mike Yates.

He was exactly the kind of fellow you'd want with you in trenches. He faced Cybermen, Dinosaurs and Daleks in his time, but did he bat an eyelid at these extra-terrestrial fiends? Course he didn't because he was a right bloody chap.

But what sort of spinoff would suit a man like Benton?

Well, we envisage Benton - post UNIT - retiring to an idyllic Suffolk village and running a garden centre or maybe the local Post Office. However, all is not as serene as it seems.

Benton's village will be besieged by murders, thefts and insurance frauds. With the village bobby being nothing more than an alcoholic with a truncheon, it's up to Benton to weed out the wrongdoers with his military prowess.

Imaging Lovejoy but with less antiques and a catchphrase of "Blimey! And I thought the Daleks were a handful!".


Whizzkid was a curious parody of Doctor Who fans that pretty much informed them that their obsession would lead to them being crushed by the Gods of Ragnarok.

Well, it never did us any harm, so yah boo sucks to you, John Nathan-Turner (RIP).

Anyway, Whizzkid possessed all the traits of an obsessive geek, but always displayed them with an incredible cheeriness. Except when he got all involved with them Gods of Ragnarok and obliterated into a mixture of dust and spectacles.

If he hadn't had every atom in his body turned inside out, though, we could easily see him being the star of his own 80s sci-fi comedy show.

The new boy in school, he tries to integrate himself with his peers by reciting line after line from his favourite sci fi shows. And gets his head kicked in repeatedly.

Now, most kids in this situation either run away to join the circus or fight to win respect. Whizzkid, being a weakling, decides that he's heading to the big top in a hurry. Although, obviously it wouldn't be the psychic circus.

But then, he discovers his school has been invaded by aliens who have replaced the teachers with clones and are planning to harvest the pupils as part of their colonisation plans.

Only Whizzkid - with his knowledge of sci-fi plotlines - can outwit the aliens at their own game, save the day and win the respect of his peers.

Expect lots of meta-jokes and Whizzkid adjusting his bowtie nervously whenever Crusher Jenkins enters a scene.

Who else do you think deserved a spinoff? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Winifred Bambera, retired and living in the village from 'Battlefield'... a fish out of water type format.

    1. Oh yes! Winifred Bambera certainly earned the right to a spinoff!

      And she came with a ready made classic catchphrase "Shame!".

  2. Glitz of course reappeared in "Dragonfire", where the in-house backstory for Ace (and subsequently appearing in the expanded universe) was that he'd been responsible for her losing her virginity!

  3. And Ace being all but 16 at the time. I don't know what it is that gets into some fellows, the dirty brute!