5 Children's Shows That Have to Be Released on DVD - NOW!

Watching amazing children's TV shows on YouTube and at the BFI Archive is all very well and good, but it's not enough.

We want them on our shelves. In glossy cases. Digitally restored.

And just imagine all those extensive DVD extras that could be bunged on there! We're salivating at the thought of it all.

Here's the five children's shows that we would kill (or at least give a nasty Chinese burn) to see released.

1. Knightmare


Ever since the late 90s the internet has been flooded with requests to get this legendary show released. Back then, of course, there was no such luck, so we had to settle for terrible, 8th generation VHS copies with slurred speech and static filled pictures.

Matters improved when Challenge TV started showing the series, but it's not enough. We want a huge 12 disc set spanning the entire series with numerous extras - how about a set of Pickle outtakes titled 'Pickle's Palavers'? No? Ok...

Why hasn't it been released though? It's got such a rich tapestry and is beloved, no, scrap that, it's adored by a huge audience. Radio Times readers recently voted it the greatest children's show ever, so surely a release can only be a matter of time?

2. Running Scared


Running Scared is a phenomenal show and brought a gritty and relentless edge to children's TV  back in 1986. Beginning with the fantastic Kate Bush theme tune, the series tackled the murky London underworld, religious differences and, at it's core, the worth of family and friendship.

Despite limited repeats it's still well regarded by everyone who watched it. And if the DVD companies need any more convincing we'll let you into a little secret: It's the highest viewed article on our blog by some margin.

3. Earthfasts


Earthfasts generated some intense synaptic impulses within the recesses of our brain in 1994 and these memories refused to budge. It was this persistent burrowing into our consciousness that led us to revisiting it a couple of years ago.

And, you know what, we appreciated it even more the second time around.

For a children's show it looked at some complex and deep themes. There's a strong sense of loss and mourning throughout which creates an unsettling, almost suffocating, atmosphere. However, it's this atmosphere which defines the show and leaves you gasping for more.

A creepy, almost adult show which deserves to be as well remembered as classics like The Children of the Stones.

4. Sebastian the Incredible Drawing Dog


What more could you want than a young Michael Barrymore (years before any tabloid scandals) mucking about with a cultured, painting dog?

Ok, so, this one's probably mostly for our benefit, but it's an amazing curio of British TV. Barrymore and Sebastian form a great double act with Sebastian forever shaking his head at Barrymore's tomfoolery. It was a show we fondly remembered from our childhood and the one that kick started this very blog.

We'd buy a copy, maybe two.

5. Galloping Galaxies


Out of all the shows we've reviewed, Galloping Galaxies, is easily the one we most want released. It's a hilarious interstellar comedy with some of the sharpest scripts we've seen pre 5pm and decent performances to boost. The theme tune (always important) is also an absolute belter.

Written by the legendary Bob Block it even tempted Kenneth Williams into his final role where he voiced the robot SID. We've only seen two episodes, but they were packed full of brilliance and it's a travesty that the show isn't nestling in DVD shops across the country.

The one episode which is available on YouTube is absolutely terrible quality, so a DVD release is the only answer!



  1. Add Aquila, The Demon Headmaster and The Queens Nose to that list! 90s kids telly at its finest.

  2. Archers' Goon, and tha Russell T Davies one, the Dark Season.

    1. Dark Season is indeed out on DVD albeit not entirely easy to get hold of these days. Keep an eye closely peeled and trained on Ebay!

  3. Timeslip - 1970s sci-fi